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Hello guys! This is urgent so please I’d appreciate if you’d read it! Okay so I have to create and animate a character due January and I liteally have no idea what to do and where to start. I’ve never animated before and I’m getting pretty anxious because I feel so lost! I have no problem when creating a character, but how I create a colored animation (not a compicated one btw, flat colouring will do) with a simple background that doesn’t look awful? Please I need advice and info about what programs to use and such. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!!

- DeviantART. You're already here
- The Sky Temple.…
- Instagram.
- IScribble & Niko's Paint chat. Nickname is Neekadya
- E-mail. (Feel free to message me anytime)

If you see the nickname Neekadya in another web that isn't in this list, send me the link please.

Neekadya Sprite by Baridah by Neekadya